An opinion article about the importance of protecting endangered animals – by Harriet Clay, KS3 student

Every day, millions of animals die in the our world. We are the reason they are dying. Their world is unjust. They may not have a voice, they have a mind and they build communities and relationships. It is cruel, wrong and unnecessary to thoughtlessly kill animals to the point of endangerment. Although, there is many solutions to save endangered animals from becoming extinct.

Just as there are many animals on the brink of extinction, there are many causes of the problem. Forty-two million trees get cut down every day which is taking away animals habitats.That does not only impact animals, it also affects us. We are not only destroying there lives but we are also destroying ours. Also, animals are slowly dying due to climate change. Arctic animals, such as polar bears are under threat due to the melting of the ice caps as a result of climate change. This is also not only detrimental to the animal species, it is detrimental to the human race.

Whilst there is no immediate solution, there are lots of steps we can take to reverse the damage already caused. The first step we could take could be to set up more captive breeding programs in zoos so the population numbers can recover. If every critically endangered animals, for example the Amur leopard, had a captive breeding program, this would give them the best chance of survival. Also, we could protect areas of land against deforestation and encourage replanting schemes to save existing habitat and create new ones. Finally, we could ban the trade and hunting of endangered animals for there illicit products.

It will take a global effort but if everyone plays there part, acts responsibly and remind themselves of the animals we can stop the extinction of innocent, endangered animals.