Visit Les Sable-d’Olonne – by Poppy Rule, KS3 student

Have you been dreaming of the perfect holiday destination? Dream no more! Les Sable-d’Olonne has every thing you could ever imagine.

It has golden delightful sandy beaches and beautiful clear azure oceans, great for swimming. The sun above the beach is a golden coin blessing all the land in its reach. There is so much to do on the beaches: volleyball that is fun for everyone, surfing on the majestic waves that appear to be striding forward and trampolining – all strapped in of course.

If the brilliant beach isn’t your thing them don’t worry because it has so much more to offer. The walk down the seafront, where all the little shops are, is one to marvel at. There are lots of dainty shops selling beautiful trinkets made out of things from the beach or merchandise. You wouldn’t want to miss out in that would you? There are plenty of ice cream shops too, which have weird and wonderful flavours, perfect for everyone.

I hear some of you saying that you don’t like either if them and that’s fine! There is loads of little back roads full of patisseries and shops. There are clothes shops, shoes shops, bag shops, toy shops and basically any shop you could ever imagine.

In the summer the average temperature is 27 degrees. The perfect heat for everything. You there stop dreaming. Make your dream holiday a reality, at Les Sable-d’Ollone.