‘Why we should protect endangered animals’ – by Dylan Hall, KS3 student

Humans rule the world.  We are not merely apes anymore who can do whatever with little effect. We can end the world in a day with one button.  What we do affects the world greatly however little it seems. Over 1 million species of animals are under threat of extinction due to us. We are headed along a dark path; deforestation, pollution and poaching are what we have cursed the world with and it is mine, yours, humanity’s responsibility to fix it.

I am not much.  I am an average person who is scared for what the futures fruits bare. I just want to be able to know that I left this world with a great and amazing world, not a wrecked and despair filled one. Whenever I saw someone preaching for us to care about this planet and all else that occupy it, I shrugged it away thinking I could do nothing and that I should just hope that someone else more powerful who can actually do something does something. But after some time and some thinking I can see that those in power would rather stay in denial and that I can do something, change something and achieve something.  After all we are humanity and we have done things thought undo-able and have created great things, so if we all do our part then, even if it’s something that requires near to no effort, we can save this.

In 2019 17 fish, 15 geckos, eight flowering plants, six sea slugs, five arachnids, four eels, three ants, three skinks, two skates, two wasps, two mosses, two corals, and two lizards were discovered.  This is 71 more species to learn about and any one of them could come with a cure or some other knowledge which would save and improve our lives.  There is still so much to learn, and so much potential but they may be extinct before we find or research them enough. The curses we bestow upon these animals are like the wave of doubt and the procrastination which stop so many from becoming what they want. We may figure out how to survive everything. There is a thing called a tardigrade which is hands down the most resilient and tough thing to live and can survive nearly everything. If we found a less evolved version of it we could maybe be able to replicate it and be on the path of immortality but that is if that less evolved version of a tardigrade wasn’t made extinct by us.  Imagine having lost humanity’s chance of godhood because you refused to recycle!

We take most life for granted, but it would be extremely boring and sad to go without it. Imagine walking out into a concrete world as desolate as the moon with barely any sounds or texture to the plain and drawn atmosphere. The world is the most interesting planet and if we don’t help it, it won’t be anything significant and we may be gone with that biodiversity as well.  Let me ask you, would you rather be a semicolon in existence’s history or another comma? The universe has given us a chance and we shouldn’t ruin it because we relied on some useless politicians.

The world’s ecosystem would all be gone if fruits, vegetables and grass weren’t a thing. If we allow animals to go extinct because of us rather than naturally then everything may go downhill and life may be non- existent. If we continue we may break the whole food chain. You wouldn’t want to lose all the great foods we love and know, would you?

Data revealed a rate of 100 to 1,000 species lost per million per year, mostly due to human-caused habitat destruction and climate change. To calculate the rate of extinction before modern humans evolved, about 200,000 years ago, Pimm and his colleagues reviewed data from fossil records and noted when species disappeared, then used statistical modelling to fill in holes in the record. That analysis revealed that before humans evolved, less than a single species per million went extinct annually. The study authors suspect that the extinction rate will only increase if trends continue—possibly resulting in what scientists call the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history.

There are many ways to solve the issue we face, from pushing for the government to make laws and stop poaching and forcing controlled deforestation, to recycling and investing into renewable energy. There are also many charities which can do all the hard work for you if you just pay them a fee of your choice.

In conclusion this world is a great place and what makes it so great is what occupies it.  If we don’t do anything we will face grave consequences which our species have never dealt with before. We are the greatest force to ever exist and can solve all this if we all work together. The future doesn’t look the best but together we can change that and turn this around for us. Do you want to leave your kids in a boring, horrible and sad world? Do you want to leave humanity with something that no human would want? Do you want us to prosper? Then give that little bit of effort for a huge amount of change.  We are gods so let’s be responsible like gods.