Opening to a detective story – by a KS3 student

Around a month ago, a great party took place at Skelton Manor, the celebration of Seth and Scarlett Skelton’s second newborn baby. The Skelton’s were very popular at the time, so it was natural to have the Manor teeming with guests. The house was decorated with kaleidoscopic banners and a plethora of balloons all ready for all the guests.

When the guests arrived, they stood surrounding the house, waiting for Seth and Scarlett Skelton to welcome them at the door. Guests were holding huge celebration bags with “Congratulations!” or “New Baby!” written in large, loopy writing on the front of the bags. 

They waited, 5 minutes, 10, 20, 30. But nobody came. One guest was so impatient that he stormed to the door and banged hard with his fist on the door. The door swung open immediately and the man stared at the door, he did not scream, but his face grew white and his eyes horror-stricken. He stepped back and stumbled on the marble steps, not taking his eyes off the door. High pitched screams and yells could be heard from behind him and the ground thudded as the crowd dashed away. Without warning, a piercing shriek came from the man, he shook violently and stopped abruptly, laying contorted on the ground and at the heels of the body, a tall, tanned, dark-haired lady rushed quickly out of the scene without a backward glance. 

To this day, no one knows what happened to the man, many searches for the woman are still taking place and many theories and stories come with it. Some say he had a fit, heart attack, seizure. Others say dark magic was behind it all, a witch. Of course, questions have been asked to the guests, details demanded from nosy reporters and police but all that they get back are terrified shakes and repeated warnings of death.

No-one has stepped foot on the grounds since then, no one except Jane Foster, the most brave detective of all time…