‘The Owl that Dared to Dance’ – by Maria Ingleton, KS3 student

Once up in the trees lived the Hoot family. The hoot family were a mum, dad, a 15 year-old brother, Michael, and 12 year-old twins Alix and Isla.  The whole family loved to compete in flying races – except for Alix, she was a dancer. She was born that way but her parents never allowed it and probably never will. Every day she asked her parents if they could let her go to dance school and every time they said NO! When Alix was on her own, she would quietly practise dancing and post videos online. She was very popular and had loads of followers. People reposted  until they nearly broke the internet! 

One day Alix decided she’d had enough of her family saying no and breaking her heart every day. She went into town secretly when her family were on a trip to a  racing day. Alix took a backpack with a speaker, one of her hats and a sign saying “NEED MONEY FOR DANCE CLASS! PLEASE HELP” When she found the perfect busy spot, Alix set up her speaker, hat and her sign, turned her speaker up to full and started dancing. Within 5 minutes Alix had nearly the whole town around her and clapping. Most people gave change but there were £5, £10 and a few £20 notes! She danced for what felt like hours and only  stopped because she was tired. 

When the crowd had gone Alix noticed a VIA (very important animal). It was Miss Charleigh Carter, the head of The Animal’s School Of  Dance. She walked over to Alix and asked the question she was waiting to hear her whole life. “Would you like to join my dance school? You’re amazing and I could do something special with you. Your technichality is amazing.” Alix was speechless! Then said “Yes!. That would be a dream come true. But there’s a problem, my family are racers, not dancers. I’ve been asking if I could go to dance school since I could speak. Every time,  they always say no. I don’t think you could change their minds. It’s hopeless,” said Alix as she kept on packing her stuff away. “Take me to your family,” replied Miss Charleigh Carter “I’ll see what I can do.”

 They went to her house where her family were. As soon as they arrived, Miss Charleigh Carter said, “hello, I’m the head of the Animals School Of Dance. I’ve come to inform you that your wonderful daughter has been offered a place at my school but needs parental permission. Please could you give her permission, I’ve watched her dance and she is phenomenal. She’s raised enough money herself to pay for a scholarship that will pay for all her time at school.”

“We give permission!” replied Alix’s parents immediately because all they wanted was her daughter to be happy but they never found the money. Within 2 days Alix was going to the dance school and they all lived happily ever after.