A ‘Harry Potter’ inspired ghost story – by Ela Cicek, KS3 Student

Sadness filled the air. The library books were sobbing . The panic-stricken students and teachers didn’t dare move a muscle. Today was the day someone would return back to the library to get revenge.The darkness was a blanket covering you with a bitter shiver.

A long time ago a girl died. Her spirts were lurking around eating up peoples happiness and their words. Everything was muted. Futhermore, the air was dead and everything was still. It was like the students faces were coated in flour and their lips were dry as if they were unsettled. Everyone was under a table waiting. Waiting as time went passed but it felt like years had gone by.

In the distance, footsteps could be heard. Getting louder by the second. Something or someone was there. However, it went silent again.The only thing that could be heard was people breathing.

All of a sudden, the scar on Harry’s face started to burn. Ron’s face turned blue. Hermione was afraid that Ron was going to die since his airways were blocked. Harry was now frozen like he was frozen into stone. Everyone was now panicked and some even collapsed on the floor.

There was scratching on the white walls. There was tapping on the carpet floors. She. Was. There…