Why ghosts don’t scare me – Elliot Lawrence, KS3 student

In the 12 years I have lived, I have come across various ghost tales and stories, some far more spooky than others. Some don’t even make it past the attention border in my head, as I can tell they have been made off the top of the teller’s head. Others get my attention, but if there’s one thing I have learnt from at least 100 different petrifying poltergeist encounters, that’s that in my opinion it is perfectly easy for the average sensible, rational person to be able to classify ALL ghost tales as nonsense. 

Even in real life, I and many others have found themselves in scary and SUPPOSEDLY PARANORMAL situations, but I have the same view a parent might tell a worried small child. And that is the fairly common quote of “Maybe the monster under the bed is friendly.” Put in another way, ghosts and other myths and fantasies intrigue me. There are teams of people all over the world looking for Aliens or life on Mars, and, same as a lot of people, I view it as a waste of time. Not that I don’t believe in Aliens, quite the opposite, it is the fact that all of them are probably hundreds of thousands of light YEARS away, and to reach them would be impossible for us at the moment.

I believe that if people are investigating that aspect of the paranormal spectrum, they should look to ghosts as their answer. Wouldn’t most people rather go out on a few foggy nights in the middle of York than spend GENERATIONS trying to meet alien species that are physically too far away to meet anytime soon. By “anytime soon” I mean billions, potentially TRILLIONS of years. Waste of time, right?

Might I also mention that there are many things in the world that, definitely cause stress in my head, while not exactly directly scaring me, there have been a few writers in the past who have drawn my attention, even if they haven’t exactly managed to scare me. In particular, Edgar Allan Poe, a gothic fiction writer in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, has written some chilling books that have managed to get my attention, purely because of how horrifying and awful imagery is created in each and every sentence. In one of his books, The Tell-Tale Heart has much of Poe’s classic rise of tension and build-up, especially towards the end of the story, when the heartbeat inside of the narrator’s head becomes louder and louder, right up until it becomes so unbearable that he has to give in and admit to the policemen that he was the one responsible for the death of the old man.

When the story is told by the late esteemed actor Christopher Lee, who is famous for playing many of the worst bad guys in film history, such as Saruman in Lord of the Rings, Count Dooku in Star Wars, not to mention his multiple appearances as Dracula in the 1950’s, then even I will admit it definitely adds to the tension. There is also an aspect of the paranormal in the book because of the situation, that the narrator has not only murdered the old man, but he also has used completely insane methods that we readers don’t understand to accomplish his ultimate goal.