Atmospheric descriptions – by KS4 students

The shining bright moon reached through the cold, heartless, deathly fog. The trees and plants were terrified of the figure giving off a murderous aura. As the devil like creature walked past, everything around it went cold like their life was being stolen. Whilst the un-human walked past, the gate opened on its own because it was petrified by the godly creature. The devil’s eyes even made the strongest of beings run for their lives.

As I looked along the misty golden sunrise I could see the calm, narrow trees and their tall shadows swaying from side to side. I could hear loud children walking to school and birds quietly chirping away. It felt so cold you could see your own breath in the near distance.

As I looked closer and closer towards the sun it looked like golden honey melting onto a soft, warm pancake. The frost was slowly starting to melt off the thin brown trees and crispy green grass. I stared towards the white fluffy clouds that were covering the bright sun like suspicious criminals. The sun started to climb through the ancient brown trees on the horizon. It was so bright it nearly blinded me.

I slowly looked down towards the old, decaying, thin trees that were shaking as though a football hit it. It felt as cold as ice. When I looked to the right I saw lots of dents from muddy ancient footballs hitting the small goalposts.

When I glanced around even more the mist had disappeared. The clouds had slowly drifted away, and the tall shadows had gone and I could hear small children screaming and running to their warm cosy homes.

The light was dancing through the trees casting an arch glow on the ghostly figure hiding among the shadows. The trees were grabbing at the anonymous being as he marched into the darkness. Moonlight shone into the spirit’s eyes and a distant glow gently flowed away from the safety of daytime into the dark night. A scream echoed.

The decayed, ancient gate parted waiting for the figure to enter. His footsteps made rhythm beats guiding him closer to his fate. What was his dark desire?